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Warlords of Erehwon is quickly becoming a popular and favorite game amongst Denizens, with dazzling appeal.

I had a chance to chat with Erehwon players during casual play, as well as during the first day of our Warlords of Erehwon Escalation League a couple of weeks ago. Here’s what THEY had to say about the miniatures game, and why it’s the next one you’ll want to play!

A quick premise of Warlords of Erehwon

  • Erehwon (which is “Nowhere” spelled backwards) is a fantasy-based minis game, written by Rick Priestley
  • It follows the D10 system used in Beyond the Gates of Antares, and also utilizes Bolt Action order dice
  • Erehwon is neither a mass-scale, nor skirmish type of game, but something in between
  • There are currently 12 races of warbands — Barbarians, Beastman, Dwarf, Elven, Gnoll War Party, Goblin, Halfling, Knightly Retinue, Olympian, Orc, Undead, and Monsters

How does Erehwon compare to other miniature game systems?

The mechanics are more forgiving. And this equals more fun!

Players have a chance to evenly play out their turns, in large part because of the order dice mechanic. This means everyone can enjoy gameplay regardless of what’s happening on the table.

Andrew B: [In other games] if you don’t have a list that’s competitive with the person you’re playing against… they can end the game before you even get to play. But in this game, there’s a lot more leeway.

And match-ups are quite balanced. Whatever warband you choose to play is fairly-matched with other warbands.

Steven G: The Elves play like Elves — they’re fast, agile, and they shoot a lot. The Undead are hard to turn, but they’re also kind of brittle. When it comes down to actually rolling the dice, it plays out pretty evenly. 500 points of Undead are gonna be just as good as 500 points of Elves.

What do you love about Erehwon?

Flexibility and versatility are the ringers for this game.

The prominent sentiment has to do with the miniatures. Options are a big plus!

Steven G: I’ve loved the fantasy genre since I was a kid. I’ve wanted to put these armies on the board [since then] and now I can… The coolest thing about Erehwon is the versatility of model sets in the army lists. Pretty much any set of fantasy figures that anybody’s already got is usable.

Andrew B: We always love models we can use for multiple things. Like samurais, for instance. If you bought the starter box for Test of Honour, you could play that AND Erehwon.

What’s the appeal for new players?

Ease, accessibility, and simplicity.

Steven G: It’s easy to get into. You just need to get the dice and the rulebook. Most people probably already have a set of minis that they could make work in some army list.

If you’re new to tabletop gaming, it won’t take much to build your warband. Pick your favorite fantasy “being”, and go with it.

Unlike other systems, there are no Erehwon-specific miniatures designated for gameplay. This means you can effectively use almost anything. You can use minis from other games, such as Age of Sigmar, Warmachine, and even D&D and other RPG minis!

Andrew B: There’s no rush to get the newest stuff… It’s more of a game for getting out old fantasy models that aren’t supported anymore by other games.

Also, learning rules, let alone keeping up with updates, can be cumbersome. While some systems are more rigid with rules, Erewhon is not.

Andrew B: [This system] wants people to have fun with their imagination, not be stifled by rules… [the idea] is to make the rules fit how you want to play the game.

Anyone Can Play Erehwon!

I am not a wargamer myself. (I lean more towards RPGs and board games!) But I’ve learned quite a bit about wargaming, simply by observing gameplay at all our events.

What I can personally say about Warlords of Erehwon is, if I were to start wargaming, this would be my choice! I don’t necessarily care for games with complex rules, and what entices me is Erehwon’s “do whatcha like” quality. Add to that the fact that there are so many choices of minis to use (and that I’ve seen!). You never know. I just might turn up one day rocking a Halfling army. (Hey, don’t judge me by my size!)

If you’d like to see the uniqueness and variety of warbands (and models specifically), come by for the next League Day, this Saturday 6/15 starting at 2pm. And starting July 6th, the first Saturday each month is a Warlords of Erehwon Open Play Day. You have lots of chances to get your fantasy crew on the tables!

Cue Jurassic Park music…