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"In Ogre News..."

Thanks for the Memories!

We are sad to announce that we will be closing our doors at the end of this month. Our last day of business will be Monday, January 31st.

This was a painful decision for us to make, but as you all are aware, these current times have been difficult across the board for many business owners. We thank you for your patronage over the last four years.

While our storefront was the foundation for The Ogre’s Den Gaming, building a local and welcoming gaming community was always a priority, which we achieved. We witnessed new friendships transpire, and we had the opportunity to help foster new (and re-spark old) gaming interests in both the younger and older generations. For this we will always be thankful. And we’re especially grateful for the friendships we’ve personally made.

As part of our closing, we are placing all our products on clearance, starting immediately, with the exception of consignment items. If you have items currently in the consignment case, you may choose to reclaim them. Also, four of the big 6×4 gaming tables (terrain not included) are available for purchase. Please call for details.

Though our physical store is closing, our website and social media accounts will remain, so you’ll still be able to keep in touch with us there.

We hold the Denizen Community near and dear to our hearts, and we will miss seeing you! With our deepest respect and our appreciation, thank you for being part of our journey thus far. ‌Here’s to a future of epic dice rolls!

– Joe and Rosie Huck