Miniatures of All Kinds

Tabletop miniatures and terrain provide a visual 3D aspect, which boosts imagination and tactical skills, and enhances the entertainment. We custom-build our terrain and offer painting services on commission for anyone who would like their miniatures custom-painted.

A close-up of Joe's painting station

The Hobby Side of Gaming

Tabletop gaming involves two aspects: the gaming side (actual gameplay) and the hobby side (building/assembling and painting the miniatures that you us for gameplay).

Like any hobby, painting miniatures takes time and patience to develop skills. There are tools and materials you need to get started, and with simple and minimal techniques, you can give your minis a finished, table-ready look.

A gamer painting miniatures during Minis Paint Night

Minis Paint Night

Every Sunday is Minis Paint & Hobby Day from 12-5pm. Get painting tips and pointers from fellow gamers and hobbyists!

Close-up of tabletop miniatures, including figures and terrain

What Types of Miniatures Are There?

Tabletop miniatures are used in wargames (Bolt Action, Warhammer 40k), role-playing games (Dungeons & Dragons), and board games (Zombicide, Mansions of Madness). Some come pre-painted, like in X-Wing Miniatures. Others need to be assembled and painted.

There are miniatures for gameplay (individual figures or armies) and there are terrain-based miniatures, which set the tone and type of battlefield (trees, buildings, etc.).

Note: All the tabletop miniatures on our tables are either custom-created from scratch, and/or individually assembled by hand by Den Master Joe. They are not toys. Please do not let your little ones play with them, and handle with care during gameplay! Thank you.

Types of miniatures...
  • Individual minis to represent an RPG character or monster (gnome bard, half-elf warlock, red dragon, etc.)
  • Squads, units, platoons (armies made up of humans or sci-fi/fantasy creatures)
  • Battle vehicles and tanks (historical or sci-fi/fantasy)
  • Roads and pathways (paved roads, dirt/gravel terrain)
  • Hills, trees, bushes and vegetation
  • Bodies of water
  • Explosion markers (for vehicles or for the battlefield)
  • Alien or galactic-themed terrain

About Commissions

Our Den Master, Joe, can custom-paint your miniatures for you and offer suggestions to help make your minis stand out in a skirmish! Inquire in person about the minis you would like painted. Depending on his availability and the number of orders in the queue, Joe will give you an estimate for time and cost.