"In Ogre News..."

Thank You For Your Support!

Last weekend we held our first Black Friday event, complete with various doorbusters, giveaways, and discounts. While many stores offer these types of deals during the holidays, we as a local game store (or LGS for short) are keenly aware that our products and services fall into a special niche, and therefore, so do our customers. What we sell and offer are not meant to cater to everyone (no, we don’t sell Magic the Gathering or video games), but ARE meant for those who have specific tabletop gaming interests and hobbies.

Many thanks to everyone who dropped in at The Ogre’s Den and took part in our Black Friday offerings. We appreciate your support!

Online Shopping vs. Your LGS

SUPPORT. That’s a word that we, and just about any small business, values considerably.

It’s disheartening when an LGS must close its doors for good, because in some cases, it has plenty to do with that word, support. Without it, not only does the game store disappear, but so does the gaming community that sprouted and thrived because of it.

For one thing, it means that you, the customer and tabletop gamer, would have no game store to buy the new games and miniatures as they are released.

Oh, well. There are always online retailers. And you can get stuff cheaper from them.


But when you buy from an online store, know that while you might be getting a great deal (and yeah, of course we all love great deals!), your local game store loses out on that cash flow. If a game store doesn’t make a profit by selling its wares, then it can’t feasibly stay open for business.

So what if I buy online, then go to an LGS to play? That’s support, right?

Well, not necessarily.

That financial support still goes elsewhere. It’d be like buying food from one fast food joint and sitting down to eat it at a different one.

While you may physically go to an LGS to play games, the direct support to keep the business running comes from the actual sales of its products. Yes, some stores charge table fees, and some may also have snack bars or other types of products and services available to help bring cash in. But at the end of the day, retail sales are what keep the business staying afloat.

Supporting an LGS Means Supporting the Gamer Community

That’s not to say that you should never order something online. Certainly, we all do it if we can’t purchase particular items locally (or even if we just hate the physical act of shopping).

Just keep in mind, however, that though you might be able to buy games or miniatures for cheap with the click of a mouse, you are also shrinking the lifeblood of an entire gaming community. The more online purchases you make instead of buying those same items from a brick and mortar game store, the more likely that store will go out of business. No store, no place to gather and play!

Oh, well. We can always play at home, right?


But, without supporting an LGS, there is no gaming community, which means less opportunities to game with others. (Have you ever gotten bored playing the same people over and over?)

Game stores essentially build relationships — with their customers, but also by becoming a source for meeting and interacting with different players. Whether it’s Warhammer 40k, MTG, D&D, or a board game, we all have one thing in common — we love to game. And we enjoy the social aspect that comes with it.

When you support your LGS, you have opportunities to learn from other gamers, be it building a deck or an army list, learning different game strategies and tactics, or even painting and building minis.

You can’t get these experiences from an online store.

The Ogre’s Den is Grateful to be Your Local Game Store!

We value our customers and do our best to make our tabletop gaming business as fair as possible for all:

  • We don’t markup our retail to ridiculous prices
  • Not everyone can afford all the “toys”, so we’re happy to provide special offers every so often (without putting ourselves out of business)
  • If you have a request for a special order for items we don’t carry regularly, we will accommodate it whenever possible — just come in and talk to Joe!
  • We prefer not to charge table fees… gaming with us is always free
  • Our snack bar may be small and humble, but it’s still considered retail, which is why we ask that you not bring in outside snacks and drinks (though fast food meals are a-ok!)
  • And we’re always open to hosting games by way of special game days or tournaments, wherever there is enough interest

We started this store with the purpose of building community, and a place for all to enjoy. We like meeting new customers and gamers, and seeing and talking with all our DENizens every week. As a new small business and LGS, we rely on the community for your support, and to keep the Den going. Please don’t forget what it means to us and all other small businesses like ours!