"In Ogre News..."

As Spring drops in (in the form of rain), we’re prepped for an exciting round of events and activities this season! If you’ve just found us and haven’t yet participated in any of our scheduled events, this is the time to do it! Check out what we’re offering this Spring, then be sure to sign up and start gaming.

A Song of Ice and Fire/BattleTech Fridays

Starting 4/4, our Friday night line-up is changing slightly. We’re offering BattleTech every other Friday, alternating with A Song of Ice and Fire. If you’ve purchased either of these games but haven’t had a chance to play, now’s the time!

Lass & Lady Gamers (4/6)

The Lass & Lady Gamers will meet on Sat 4/6 for some Spring-themed gaming. If you’re not familiar with it, this group is for the ladies only, and meetings are socially-focused. No miniature wargaming here, just board games. The ladies share a snack potluck every group game day.

Don’t be shy — while we do require RSVP’s, this group is open to lasses as young as 16, and newbies are always welcome!

Sci-Fi Saturday (4/13)

Do you love X-Wing, Warhammer 40k, Beyond the Gates of Antares, BattleTech, Infinity, Monsterpocalypse, Starfinder, Blackstone Fortress or any other sci-fi-themed tabletop game? We’re dedicating an entire Saturday next month to all things sci-fi! Watch for our official event post on social media. Then RSVP and leave a comment to let people know what games you’re bringing and find an opponent.

Spring Awakening Bolt Action Escalation Tournament (4/20)

Fair warning, our Bolt Action events tend to fill up quickly! If you’d like to participate in this tourney, make sure to read the player requirements, then RSVP to claim your spot.

Denizen Potluck and Gaming Day (4/27)

Last year in April, we combined a potluck with International Tabletop Day. But we’ve decided to make the potluck an annual tradition, in and of itself.

Our Spring Potluck and Gaming Day is the first official community social event of the year. Sign up to bring a dish to share, and stay for gaming, giveaways, and earn Double Dencentive Rewards on purchases you make during the event. This is a family-friendly affair — if your kids are into board games or miniature games, bring them along. We hope to see you then!

Warhammer 40k Tournament (5/4)

You can prep for this tournament with some practice every Thursday night during 40k Night. Make sure to have your minis table-ready (3-paint minimum, detail not required) and sign up to participate. Info will be posted on our website calendar and social media soon.

Bolt Action Bonus Event: Stalingrad (5/11)

Our regular Bolt Action game days take place during the even months, so this is a “bonus” game. Details are still to come. Join the Ogre’s Denizen Gamers Group on Facebook to get notifications for this event.

Konflikt ’47 Open Play (5/18)

We know many of you are fans of historical gaming. What about historical/sci-fi gaming? Konflikt ’47 combines the best of both.

There are several kinds of really cool minis you can use — Mechs, Schreckwulfen (werewolves), Siberian Terror Squads (human genetic experiments gone wrong), Soviet Ursus Bears (werebears) — and many more “weird” varieties. Drop in to play, or come and see how this alternate WWII game is played!

A Song of Ice and Fire Tournament (5/25)

You’ll definitely want to get your Westeros Houses in order (and practice on Friday nights!) because on Saturday, May 25th we’re hosting our first Song of Ice and Fire Tournament! Watch for our announcements and details on social media, then sign up and see how you’ll fare as you battle for the Iron Throne.

SPRING by the Den Soon!

If you have any questions about our upcoming events, or perhaps would like to schedule a demo for one of the games, please contact us at 916-693-6604. And make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep up-to-date!