Our Big Events

Special events occur throughout the year for various games, and include large-scale miniature wargaming campaigns, store-run tournaments, or other activities that are not part of the regular weekly or monthly calendar line-up.

One of the past special events for Bolt Action, the Battle for the Bridge

Above: Each custom-made board during the Bolt Action “Operation Husky” event depicted a different setting within this invasion of Sicily, including a board set for tank wars.


We post special event announcements via our Google page and on social media at least 3 weeks in advance. You can sign up via the event posts or by contacting the store directly, and as long as you meet all player requirements.

Spectators are always welcomed to come and watch on event days. We also stream parts of the game live on our Facebook page, on Periscope via Twitter, and post pics on social media of the event the day of or the following week.

Note: To participate in any of our special events, your miniatures must be table-ready. This means they must be painted with a minimum of 3 colors. Otherwise, you will incur a penalty depending on the game.

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If you’re interested in playing on a more casual or regular basis, we have alternate gaming choices…

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