"In Ogre News..."

If you are on social media, then you probably see us popping up in your feed pretty regularly. We’ve made some adjustments to what (and where) we’re posting stuff, so we thought we’d give you a quick update.

BUT FIRST, some important announcements:

Featured Denizens and Minis

Photo-worthy miniatures

If you haven’t been painting those minis, now’s the time to get that train rolling! You’ll probably want to start getting your armies (and RPG minis!) photo and video “WOW-able”, because we’re hosting some special events in the Spring and Summer. While we can’t reveal all the details for any of them yet, what we will say is that you will want to at least apply some minimal paint to distinguish your army from your opponent’s. And we can say that in some cases, painted miniatures are mandatory. (*Ok, non-hobbyists, you can insert your choice of sweary-type words here!*)

Do you need help in the painting department? Don’t forget that every Tuesday night is Minis Paint Night! And starting in February, during the THIRD TUESDAY each month we are offering a special, free demonstration/tutorial on a specific painting technique.

New website photo gallery

We’re in the process of updating our website with all new images and content to reflect our growing community! The “new” site will be completed by the end of this month, and will include a photo gallery featuring you, our Denizens, and — wait for it — your miniatures!

We’ll be collecting info from those whose images are featured, including your first name and the type/name of the miniature in the image. Note: If you prefer to not ever be featured, please let us know while we’ve got the camera out and going! Or you can message us via FB or send Rosie an email.

Our General Facebook Page

When we first opened, we posted all information, including games and activities on our store page. Since creating our FB group (see below), we now only post general content on the store page, including:

  • photos from game days and activities
  • photos of Denizen miniatures
  • store information (special hours, “hardware” additions/changes, etc.)
  • special sales and offers
  • FAQs/tips regarding different games
  • major event announcements and summaries of upcoming games

Our (New) Facebook Group

Before the New Year, we felt it was time to create a FB group in order to better streamline game-specific info and announcements to our Denizens. The group is where you will find:

  • upcoming game day and event announcements/reminders with specific info and requirements to play
  • informal store-related surveys and polls to better serve you
  • a way to communicate and interact with other Denizens (ask for army-building advice, find a person to game with, etc.)
  • a way to communicate with us if you don’t want to send a direct message or email

The Ogre’s DENizen Gamers is a closed group. Why? This helps to keep followers local and also narrows down those interested to the gamers who want to regularly be “in the know” of all our gaming activities. Anyone can request to join, and we try to approve those requests within a few hours.

Other Social Media

Are you on Twitter and/or Instagram? Because we’re also on both! While Twitter tends to be our most low-key platform, be on the lookout for more Instagram posts in the coming months (including those of, ahem — miniatures!).

Hashtag It!

You’re familiar with using hashtags on social media, right? (Or that POUND sign, for those of us who still know it by that term!) If you are posting pics of you at The Ogre’s Den Gaming, your games, or the minis you’re painting, please hashtag us!

It’s a slight change from our original hashtag, which was just the store’s name. This one better reflects our community and FB group. We’d love to see more Denizen pics throughout social media other than what we post, so don’t be shy!

See You on the Interwebs!

We look forward to photo-documenting our growing community with you. The more glimpses into “Denizen life” that we share, the more we invite people into the world of tabletop gaming!