Start or Join a Game

**Please check back for announcements on when we will re-open our gaming area.**

Our scheduled games give you a chance to start or join a game with other new or existing players. Participate in one of our special events, gaming groups, classes, or on-going activities, or start a game.

Gamers enjoying some scheduled games, including Pathfinder and Age of Sigmar

Above: Players in the middle of A Song of Ice and Fire Tournament, and gamers in the background playing D&D.

About Scheduled Games & Activities

We regularly schedule events for specific games, special events, and activities. Unless specified, anyone may participate.

All scheduled games and activities get priority table use. Drop-in play is allowed at tables not being used for scheduled activities.

Game days and times are subject to change. Please be sure to check the calendar, and follow us on social media for current info!

Gaming Table Info

For Miniatures and Wargaming: We have six wargaming tables for use for all miniature games. Each table has a shelf underneath where you can choose various types of terrain to use, as well as place your minis while you play.

For RPGs: We have two table sections to accommodate two tabletop RPGs at any one time. Due to space, we limit RPGs to 5 players max.

We don’t charge table fees!

Organize a Tabletop Miniatures Event

Due to COVID-19, we are postponing our large miniatures events indefinitely. Follow us on social media for announcements on when we will resume our monthly tourneys, leagues, and large-scale games.

Start an RPG Campaign

Due to COVID-19, we will not be hosting any RPG groups at this time. Please check back, or follow us on social media for announcements on when we will resume RPGs.