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Our scheduled games give you a chance to start or join a game with other new or existing players. Participate in one of our leagues, gaming groups, classes, or on-going activities, or submit a request to start one.

About Scheduled Games & Activities

We regularly schedule events for specific games, special events, and special activities, which we include on our calendar. Unless specified, anyone may join our activities.

All scheduled games and activities take precedence. Drop-in, or casual/non-scheduled, gaming is generally available at other tables. If there is a reserved sign on a table, you may use it until 15 minutes prior to the scheduled activity.

Gaming table info...

For RPGs: We have two table sections to accommodate two tabletop RPGs at any one time. Due to space, we limit RPGs to 5 players max.

For Miniatures and Wargaming: We cap league games at 12 people per round (call to check for open spots). The max number of players for gaming groups varies, depending on the scenario or skirmishes designated each game day.

We don’t charge fees to game at our tables!

How to schedule a game...

We ask that you submit scheduled game requests at least two weeks before your desired start date

If you would like to schedule a game, use our contact form or email us to send the following info:

  • Type of game or activity (Miniatures/Wargaming or RPG)
  • Description of the activity
  • Player age restrictions, skill levels, demographics (ex. Women’s Group, open to newbies)
  • Parameters and/or character or army levels/points
  • Brief summary of your campaign (for RPGs)
  • Length of campaign, if an RPG (ex. 3-month, one-off)

Due to space, we limit tabletop RPGs to 5 players plus the DM/GM.

We’ll accept game requests as best as we can, depending on table and schedule availability, as well as announce the game on social media.

How to join a game...

If you would like to join a scheduled game or activity, contact us by phone, Facebook, email, or stop by in person.

Let us know which game or activity you’re interested in, and we’ll confirm the spots available.

As a courtesy, if you join a scheduled game but will be absent, please contact us and/or your DM!

Gamers enjoying some scheduled games, including Pathfinder and Age of Sigmar

Above: Role-players starting on a new, scheduled Pathfinder RPG campaign, and other gamers participating in the Age of Sigmar League.

Days and times for all scheduled games are subject to change. Please be sure to check the calendar, and follow us on social media for current info!

We typically announce new scheduled games on social media. Join our Facebook Group for updates and announcements! Or, get started now and…

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