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"In Ogre News..."

Welcome Back!

Over a year later, we’re “reopening” and welcome you back in for gaming at the Den!

As certain COVID-19 restrictions begin to lift this week, we are implementing our own list of protocols, which fall in line with the latest guidelines given by the County of Sacramento.

These customer/gamer policies are meant to protect the health and safety of EVERYONE who comes into the store. Please, we ask that you cooperate with us, and abide by them!

In addition, we are prepping our calendar to resume our regular weekly/monthly gaming activities and special gaming events. Here’s all the info:

Masks, Vaccinations, and Social Distancing

  • To game or shop, masks are not required for those who have been fully vaccinated. (This means you’ve had the full course of shots, and it has been two weeks past your last shot.) You must show us proof of vaccination.
  • If you haven’t been vaccinated, you may still come in the store, but you must wear a mask.
  • Even if you have been vaccinated, you are free to wear a mask out of extra precaution.
  • Social distancing is no longer required, though please respect others if they wish to social distance.

Store Hours

We’re revising our store hours until further notice. Beginning Tues 6/15, hours of operation are:

Mondays | CLOSED
Tues-Wed | 11am-7:30pm
Thurs-Sat | 11am-9pm
Sundays 12-5pm

Big/Special Event Days

We will resume hosting our big gaming events mid-summer. You are still required to sign up/reserve a spot for these large events. Look for announcements via social media, our website, and our Google page.

Regular Gaming Schedule and Activities

Our designated game days will resume as before:

  • Fridays – Warhammer 40k
  • Saturdays – rotating schedule (includes big/special event days), check the calendar for specific games
  • Sundays – Age of Sigmar

RPGs and Painting Minis

We will have one set of non-wargaming tables available for one RPG group to play for a 3-hour period. Please call to reserve a time FOR YOUR FIRST GAME. (After that, if you’d like to have a recurring time, you must submit a request by emailing

If you’d like to come in to paint minis, we recommend you call ahead to make sure there is room. At this time, we are not offering regularly-scheduled Hobby/Paint days.

New Games and Revamped Faves

You’ll see some NEW offerings on the calendar for miniature gaming! Be on the lookout for announcements for the following:

  • 40k tourneys (presented in different formats for an interesting twist)
  • events and casual game days for Flames of War and Team Yankee
  • special AoS narrative events
  • new Bolt Action and Konflikt ’47 events

Get Ready!

Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (@OgresDenGaming) to get the latest updates on Den activities and retail news. Give us a call or drop us a line if you have any questions.

And we’ll finally see you soon for some tabletop gaming!