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A Low-Key Celebration

The middle of July usually marks The Ogre’s Den Gaming’s anniversary. Normally, in the past, we’ve celebrated by inviting Denizens for a day of games, prizes, and food. But this year is a little different. Well, it’s A LOT different!

This year, we celebrate our store’s birthday mostly in spirit, and sadly, without the kinds of social activities that we miss hosting. There won’t be any featured games, potlucks or cake, or even Team Trivia (a Denizen favorite!). Because of the coronavirus pandemic, we must switch gears to comply with social distancing guidelines — for everyone’s safety!

We are, however, DEEPLY GRATEFUL that you, our Denizens, continue to support us! Three years generally may not seem like a big deal, but for a small business like ours, every year — and especially in these trying times, every day — that we’re able to keep our doors open is a treasure.

So many thank-you’s!

Every small business relies on its customers, of course. But for us, that includes both the retail aspect AND our events and regular gaming activities. While we’re disappointed that we can’t currently offer the latter, we thank you for continuing to shop with us. Your patronage means we get to keep going!

In March, when the whole state went into quarantine, many of you expressed concern for us. You sent us messages of support. You outright told us how much the store — the Denizen community — helped you get back into the hobby, and how finding others to game with boosted your well-being. You didn’t want us to have to close our doors for good, and you feared that it might happen. Your words were proof that when we set out to cultivate a supportive tabletop gaming community three years ago, we succeeded. And you’ve been an instrumental part of that process. We love that you care, and we hope we can continue to provide our services for a long time to come!

Moving forward

So where does The Ogre’s Den Gaming go from here, after reaching the 3-year mark? We’re not sure! Of course, we would love to fire up the gaming tables once again, but when we can safely do that is questionable. Until then, we’ll continue to offer our retail services, both in-store and via curbside pickup (if you aren’t comfortable coming into the store.)

For those wondering, we haven’t abandoned working on our online store! As many of you know, there are just two of us running the show, and well, these ever-changing pandemic life routines can cause some chaos. But it WILL be available in the future, and we’ll let you know when you can start shopping online.

In the meantime, despite our activities and events being on hiatus, we do hope that you continue to hobby. Perhaps some of you are playing tabletop RPGs with your families more, or maybe you’ve learned to play something new together. And we know that many of you are painting up those miniatures — we expect you’ll have them looking sharp and ready to impress by the time we’re able to resume our events. (*Ahem!* — right, right, right???)

Anniversary weekend perks

As a small token of thanks, in lieu of a social gathering this weekend to celebrate our anniversary, we are offering 10% OFF your purchases, plus you can earn double rewards towards your Dencentives. It doesn’t take the place of a large social celebration (and as soon as we can, we WILL have a celebration), but we’d love to see you in, even if it’s just to say hello. Just don’t forget to wear a mask!

Thank you for adventuring with us these last 3 years!

Your Den Keepers,
-Joe and Rosie