Large-Scale Events

Our Big Three

Organized Gaming at The Ogre’s Den includes three types of large-scale events, which are scheduled at least once a month and are an all-day affair. The miniature games for these events varies. There is always a maximum number of players indicated. Miniature requirements and restrictions vary. We announce all of our upcoming Organized Gaming events on social media.


These can be single or team-style and include different formats, depending on the game. Most tournaments include prizes for top-finishing players.

Special Events

There is usually a specific focus in our special event games – such as a theme or campaign. Special events are large, one-off miniature gaming events which may be scheduled once a year. Examples include our Bolt Action D-Day Event, and our Halloween Zombie Survival Event.

Narrative Play

If you love the stories and lore that are the basis for miniature games, you’ll want to sign up for Narrative Play events. These events take place over the course of several weeks. Each week of play is progressive, and all players follow a particular narrative.
Bolt Action miniature tanks during an Organized Gaming event

Above: Each custom-made board during the Bolt Action “Operation Husky” event depicted a different setting within this invasion of Sicily, including a board set for tank wars.

How to Sign Up for Organized Gaming Events

Unlike Open Gaming and drop-in play, registration is required for all of our Organized Gaming events, and typically, there is a registration fee. To sign up, you may contact the store directly, or RSVP via our official Facebook events when they are posted.

Be sure to check our calendar for the most updated Organized Gaming event dates.
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