"In Ogre News..."

One of our main goals is to provide a positive experience for our regular Denizens and newcomers to our store and community. That’s why we have store policies in place. Here’s a general run-down of our various policies pertaining to retail and gaming.

No Outside Snacks or Drinks

We have a snack bar inside stocked with a variety of candies, snacks, and drinks. Please don’t bring similar snack foods or beverages in (meaning chips, cookies, candies, or drinks).

You MAY bring in food that we don’t provide. Cooked food or fast-food meals are completely fine. There are several take-out establishments in the area if you’d like to have a meal to eat.

We know you may also want healthy snacks. While we’ve attempted to provide healthier options before, they tended not to sell. So we understand if you need to bring your own, such as fruits and veggies.

Pre-Orders and Special Orders

Our policies for in-store orders are simple. You can place a pre-order for new items being released, or a special order for items we don’t regularly carry. Orders over $25 must be paid-in-full when you order.

Dencentive Rewards Program

Our free Dencentive Rewards Program allows you to earn a point for every incremental $20 purchase (before tax). When you reach 10 points, you earn a Dencentive Reward. One reward = $10 off your next purchase of $25 or more (before tax). Rewards expire a year from the time you earn them.

Not a Rewards member? Just sign up with your cell phone number at the register. You’ll get notifications when you earn Rewards. (No worries, we neither use nor sell your number to anyone!)


This is the newest addition to our store. Our consignment case features painted and unpainted minis placed for sale by Denizens in the community. Here are our consignment policies:

  • You must bring your minis into the store for approval to consign. (Please do not send pictures of your minis.) Joe has final say of what goes on display.
  • You are advised not to use too much paint or primer so that details are easily seen (and have a better chance of being approved for consignment). Unpainted minis may go in the case.
  • All items in the case will be charged a sales tax.
  • A 10% fee is paid to the store upon each sale, from the total asking price prior to taxes.
  • You’ll receive a store gift card for the remaining amount of the total sale.
  • To purchase something from the consignment case, let Joe know what you’d like to buy, and pay as normal at the register.

Policies for Game Organization

Organize a Tabletop Miniatures Event

Are you interested in heading up a tournament, league, or large-scale game? The first step is to determine the date and type of event you want to organize, then check with us to make sure we can schedule your event. You’ll find all organizer responsibilities plus a form you must complete on the event organizer page of our website.

Start a Role-playing Game

If you’d like to be a Dungeon or Game Master for a tabletop RPG, there are certain policies we are now enforcing. Learn what they are, then complete the RPG Group request form to get a regularly-scheduled campaign going.

Other Store Policies

These are a few miscellaneous store policies to round out the lot:

  • Please keep track and supervise your “little ogres” when visiting the store or gaming. This includes making sure they are not playing with table terrain, running around the tables, handling merchandise, climbing/playing on tables and chairs, and playing with our storefront door.
  • We have a large trash can and recycling bin for your convenience. Please clean up after yourself before you leave.
  • It’s a delicate subject, but we appreciate if you are mindful of your personal hygiene. Sometimes on busy days, you’ll find yourself in close quarters, and we don’t want anyone to be ostracized.

As always, thank you for your cooperation and abiding by these guidelines and policies. We appreciate your patronage and hope you enjoy gaming with us at The Ogre’s Den Gaming. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!