"In Ogre News..."

Coming Up in 2019

The New Year is approaching once again, and it’s time to look forward to 2019! As we say goodbye to this year, we prepare for changes and adjustments, and welcome new possibilities. At The Ogre’s Den Gaming, we’re making some tweaks and additions to our “regular programming” in an effort to provide you with a fresh assortment of gaming opportunities.

New Schedule Line-up

If you peruse our calendar for January, you’ll see we’ve implemented new color-coding for all events. We hope this makes it easier for you to distinguish the types of gaming we offer! Here’s the break-down:

  • Orange = regular game nights/days and gaming groups
  • Green = tabletop RPGs
  • Blue = classes and activities
  • Pink = large game events and tournaments
  • Yellow = special store hours and store events

As usual, games that are scheduled and on our calendar take priority for space and tables. You may drop in for open play at any time, but please check the calendar so you know when tables may be more available.

We’ve also added the following new game nights to our calendar:

Wildcard Wednesdays

If you can’t make it to one of our other regularly-designated game days or night, come by for Wildcard Wednesdays. We’ll highlight a particular game some weeks (for example, “Kill Team Night”, or “X-Wing Night”, etc.), which we’ll announce on social media. Other Wednesdays are dedicated to “scheduled” drop-in play for all tabletop games, including board games. You can also find an opponent for a particular game through our Facebook Group.

Board Game Fridays

Bring your favorite board games, or try a store copy of a selection of games that we’ll make available. It’s an easy-going game night open to all!

RPG One-shot Saturday Nights

The last Saturday night each month, role-playing game enthusiasts have the opportunity to play an RPG with a different DM or GM at the helm for a one-night one-shot! It’s ideal for both GMs and players who love to play, but can’t commit to a long-term campaign.

If you’re a DM/GM who is interested in play-testing a new game, need players to try out a certain scenario, or are a new GM and need some practice, you can sign up to run a game for a month that isn’t taken. (Contact Rosie via email!) And if you love to play role-playing games, this is a chance for you to sample the many flavors of different RPGs.

The first one-shot is on Jan. 26th with Rosie leading a demo game of Kids on Bikes. (Think Stranger Things meets Goonies in small-town USA!)

Additionally, we’ve made some slight tweaks to these groups:

Bolt Action

Players meet the third Saturday in the EVEN MONTHS, for each large-scale game. You will know a few months ahead what theater/battles are scheduled to help you prep your minis and be ready for the big game! (Note: February and April games will take place in the Pacific Theater.)

REVISION 12/28: Due to recently-noted schedule conflicts throughout the year, we had to change the Bolt Action game days to the SECOND SATURDAY in the even months.

Konflikt ’47

Players meet the third Saturday in the ODD MONTHS. Unless specified on the calendar, meetings are for open-play. We’ll announce upcoming large-scale events on social media.

Lass & Lady Gamers

Meets the first Saturday each EVEN MONTH. We’ve shifted to a “theme” for each meeting, which includes sharing a small potluck of snacks, followed by a few rounds of board games. Some meetings may involve a field trip (such as an escape room) or other activity to create fellowship amongst female gamers (and non-gamers!) in our Denizen community. (In October the ladies had a “Mad Tea Party”, and for December enjoyed a fun dice game gift exchange.)

New Class

In January, we’re offering a new free class — Intro to Dungeon/Game Mastering! Several of you have requested it, and we’re happy to finally offer one. If you’re curious about starting a campaign, this is your chance to learn from a seasoned game master. Receive guidance and tips on how to get going and “direct” your first adventure!

(Of course, for those interested in learning how to play, we are still offering the Intro to D&D class the first Sunday of every other month.)

More Tournaments and Large Events

While leagues will take place less frequently, we’ll still selectively offer them. Instead, be ready in the new year for more large events, store-sponsored tournaments, and sanctioned tourneys for all our popular miniature games. We’re also putting our own special spin on a few of our store tourneys, for a bit of variety and surprise.

Rewards and Recognition

We want to thank all our DENcentive Rewards Members who have signed up since June. If you shop at our store fairly frequently, you know the rewards pay off. In 2019 we’re introducing special Double Rewards Days during certain times of the year. You’ll see announcements on social media, as well as on our website, so be ready!

Website Changes

Please note, as we head into January, you’ll likely see changes throughout our website to reflect our new store offerings. Some info might be temporarily and intermittently unavailable, but our events calendar will always be available. And of course, we’ll continue announcing games early on our Facebook Group, and later on our store page.

Closed on Mondays

Lastly, effective the first of the year, we will be closed on Mondays. We will, however, be OPEN for most major Monday holidays to accommodate your gaming needs (should you have those days off!).

Happy New Year, and See You Soon!

If you have a question regarding any of our new additions or changes, we’re happy to answer them! Please drop by, call us at 916-693-6604, or email us at info@theogresdengaming.com.

We look forward seeing you in the New Year!