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What is Marvel Crisis Protocol?

Marvel Crisis Protocol is a miniatures skirmish game from Atomic Mass Games, based on — what for it — yup, Marvel Comics superheroes!

The general idea is that you build your Marvel team, which can include a mix of both heroes and villains, and then fight your opponent’s team to achieve game objectives.

Marvel Crisis Protocol core set

How do you play it?

Game mechanics are simple, and sprinkled with a bit of team tactics. What? Yeah.

If you build a hero or villain team that shares the same affiliation (such as Avengers, X-Men, Sinister 6, Brotherhood of Mutants, or Black Order) you get bonuses and special abilities that play off of their synergy.

Each mission is determined by the mission card pulled, which describes the objectives, so players can score points and declare the winner. Each Marvel character has his or her own individual card that includes their Name, Stats and Special Abilities, along with team affiliations.

Measurement, movement and dice are set up similar to Star Wars Legion. Players alternate taking turns in the character activation phase, which creates a tactical-based game. This allows for more player interaction — more playing, less waiting for your opponent to take his or her turn.

Each character can perform any two of four specific actions when activated — move, attack an enemy, use a superpower, or shake (remove a special condition token from one of your characters).

Video still from Atomic Mass Games for Marvel Crisis Protocol

What’s the terrain like?

Atomic Mass Games has created some iconic, nicely-sculpted terrain for a reasonable price. Some of it is included in the main core set.

Gameplay takes place on a 3’x3’ surface. You can set up the terrain however you wish. Remember, Marvel Crisis Protocol is based off of comic books, so some battles don’t have to take place on Earth!

Besides looking good, the terrain is also an interactive part of the game. It’s destructible! So if you want the Hulk to throw a car at Ultron, he can throw a car at Ultron.

Atomic Mass Games has created some YouTube tutorials on assembling game boards for some fantastic-looking games. There are more terrain sets that will be coming out with future waves of the game.

Marvel Crisis Protocol character minis

What about the Marvel character minis?

Marvel character minis are made of hard plastic and are attached to a sprue. And the sculpts are absolutely beautiful! The designers devoted great care and attention towards creating a true-to-comics look.

For instance, Spiderman’s iconic suit includes the web lines that crisscross his suit, so you don’t have to stress about free handing them in.

The scale of the minis is set at 40mm to accommodate the details that make them look fantastic. The core set comes with 5 heroes and 5 villains, plus terrain. The first wave release includes the Hulk and M.O.D.O.K.

More characters are set for future releases, such as Black Panther and Killmonger, Venom, and Thor and Valkyrie. The number of characters to be released is almost limitless, since there can be multiple incarnations of each. Note, however, that you can only run one version of each character at a time if they share the same Alter Ego name.

Marvel Crisis Protocol minis

Get social with Atomic Mass Games

Atomic Mass Games regularly posts pics and updates on social media, and are very responsive to their followers. If you are awaiting the release of Marvel Crisis Protocol with eager anticipation, you can find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They also have a YouTube channel with a few videos that highlight gameplay and minis.

Some final Ogre thoughts on Marvel Crisis Protocol

On the whole, this game looks to be pretty solid, mechanically and fundamentally. There’s an excellent opportunity for the game to become the real deal in games. The IP is strong, and the gameplay supports the source material better than most games in the genre.

Since its reveal at GenCon 2019, Marvel Crisis Protocol has created a lot of buzz, which suggests it will be one of the hottest games this year. It is likely to sell out fast, so come in and secure your copy with a preorder the first week of November. We’ll also offer organized play, where you can obtain alternate character cards for some of the characters.

Keep an eye out for our social media announcements for both, or check the website calendar for dates!