Take a Look!

As your local game store, we provide a space where you and your fellow “ogres” can lose yourselves in a game or two. Whether you are new to tabletop gaming, or have a life-long passion for it, we offer an easy-going and family-friendly gaming and hobby environment. Bring your kids, friends, or meet new people!

Gaming area...

Our gaming area is outfitted with six miniature gaming tables, tables for role-playing, board games and painting, and comfy seating. We offer scheduled games and activities, but open play is usually available.

Retail products...

Our store is stocked along the walls and at the register with games, gaming accessories, miniatures, new and used books, dice, and miniature hobby supplies. Feel free to buy something, then stay to game!

Snack bar...

You can raid our Ogre’s Snack Bar (for a small fee) for a variety of snacks and drinks to stay powered up for battle. Please, no outside snacks allowed, though fast food meals are okay.

A comfy habitat...

We provide air conditioning and heat year-round to maintain a pleasant habitat. Our music is also set to an easy-listening volume. We encourage everyone to follow our store rules. Your comfort is important to us!

Dencentive Rewards Program

Earn points for every $20 increment in purchases you make, before taxes! Accumulate 10 points and you’ll earn a Dencentive Reward$10 OFF your next purchase of $25 or more.

This program is free! Just provide your cell phone number during your next purchase to use as your rewards “check-in” each time you shop with us (like a club card). Your rewards points are automatically tracked and you’ll receive text receipts with a link for you to check Dencentives earned.

As a Dencentive Rewards Member, you’ll also enjoy the benefits of Double Rewards Days.

Sell or Buy Through Consignment

Do you have minis that you’d like to sell, or would like to prep and sell through consignment? Or maybe you’re looking for some minis to purchase that aren’t necessarily brand-new. Here are our consignment guidelines:

  • You must bring your minis into the store for approval to consign. (Please do not send pictures of your minis.) Joe has final say of what goes on display.
  • You are advised not to use too much paint or primer so that details are easily seen (and have a better chance of being approved for consignment). Unpainted minis may go in the case.
  • All items in the case will be charged a sales tax.
  • A 10% fee is paid to the store upon each sale, from the total asking price prior to taxes.
  • You’ll receive a store gift card for the remaining amount of the total sale.
  • To purchase something from the consignment case, let Joe know what you’d like to buy, and pay as normal at the register.

Games and More

We primarily sell miniature wargames, role-playing games, paints and hobby supplies, various gaming accessories, RPG minis, and a limited selection of board games.

Popular games and brands we sell include...
  • Warhammer 40k
  • Warhammer Age of Sigmar
  • Bolt Action
  • Konflikt ’47
  • Cruel Seas
  • A Song of Ice and Fire
  • X-Wing Miniatures
  • Wings of Glory
  • Star Wars Destiny
  • Dungeons & Dragons
  • Pathfinder/Starfinder
  • Various Star Wars RPGs
  • Reaper Minis
  • Vallejo Paints
  • Citadel Paints
  • Army Painter
  • … and more!
  • At this time, we DO NOT carry Magic the Gathering.
  • We take pre-orders, as well as special orders for most games that we don’t carry regularly. Orders over $25 must be paid in-full at the time of ordering.
  • Store gift cards are available at the register and can be purchased in any increment. E-gift cards are available for purchase online through Square.
  • We appreciate your patronage. It supports your local gaming community!

Our Gaming Rules

We’d be disappointed if we had to ask you to leave for being “ogrely aggressive”. (See what we did there?) So we ask that you please…

  • Be fair to all gamers present, and be a good sport — don’t be a bully!
  • Play games like an ogre, but don’t smell like one — we take your hygiene personally.
  • Don’t use demo tables for gameplay.
  • Supervise your “little ogres” at all times.
  • Don’t bring in outside snacks/drinks other than fast food.
  • Clean up your trash before you leave.
  • Have some tabletop fun!