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Swift and Mighty

Get your Kill Team in order and accept your mission for a swift and mighty attack! In this installment of An “Ogre-View”, you’ll get a general understanding of this fast-paced game, and what you need to get started.

What is Kill Team?

Kill Team is a miniatures game that was released last year by Games Workshop. The idea is that you control a single, mixed squad of troops whose purpose is to complete covert missions. Unlike Warhammer 40k, you play with a smaller number of minis, with each model acting independently from the others.

What’s the Appeal?

Kill Team is the game of choice over 40k for some, and with good reason. These are a few of the highlights that make it stand apart:

  • Fast-paced — you engage in quicker battles, which tend to focus on smaller troops instead of larger-scale models or units
  • Fewer models — small squads mean less minis to paint, a plus for those who don’t care for the painting and hobby aspect
  • Less table space — battles take place on a significantly smaller field
  • Out of the box — all Kill Team boxes come with terrain kits
  • Strategy — this game encourages more tactical elements
  • Options — you can use the kill zones and commanders, or not
  • Quicker play time — usually 30-60 minutes, which is much less than a regular 40k game
  • Upgrade and expand — new expansions that change the way you can play the game are regularly released

What Do You Need to Start?

You don’t need a lot to start playing this “compact” game. Here are the essentials to get your squads mission-ready:

  • The Kill Team Core Rulebook — rules for this game are different from 40k
  • 40k minis that will make up your roster
  • Terrain, 6-sided dice, and rulers or tape measure
  • Individual Kill Team box sets

Note: You can add to your teams later with Expansion Boxes. Some of them come with full 100-point lists each.

General Gameplay

The general mechanics are fairly simple.

Every turn starts with an initiative roll, then players alternately activate individual members of their Kill Teams. Each team member makes offensive or defensive actions. Once all activations and combat are complete, players roll for initiative to repeat the sequence.

Gameplay continues until either all members of any Kill Team are eliminated, the objectives are complete, or all turn limits are reached.

Tips for New Kill Team Players

Start playing! Here are a few tips if you’re new to Kill Team:

  • Get the individual Kill Team Box for the faction you want.
  • Everything you need is included in the box, or you can just get the Core Rulebook. It’s easy on the wallet!
  • This game is a good entry point to playing 40k because it gives you a general feel for the game mechanics and the types of minis available.
  • Make sure you read the rules thoroughly. If you’re a 40k player, Kill Team has its own unique set of rules.

And of course, you can usually find fellow Kill Team enthusiasts to skirmish against every Thursday night during 40k Night. So get some practice in!

Play for Victory!

Maintain your honor… our next Kill Team Tournament is scheduled for Saturday 3/23. Sign up by 3/21 and put your Kill Team to the ultimate test!