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"In Ogre News..."

We’ll help you pack.

2020 is finally ending, and good riddance! There isn’t much else to say about this confounded year. It’s just understood that none of us want to, nor need to re-live it anytime soon. And though life may not be picture-perfect as we shift into 2021, we can at least throw our best intentions in the ring and hope for a more unobscured path.

“Shop local”.

You hear people say this every so often in an effort to help small businesses thrive. Nowadays, those words couldn’t be more potent, especially for the wee “mom and pops” like us.

We’d be remiss to say that navigating in a pandemic isn’t affecting us as a small business, because it is. Despite the weeks, sometimes months, of questioning whether we’d be able to stay open, we managed to pull through. Much of that is because of you — our customers, Denizens, and friends. By continuing to shop at our store, you’ve helped us stay afloat, and that means so much more to us than you could know — now more than ever. Thank you!

Here’s the “sitrep”.

We know you’re eager to get back to in-store gaming, activities, and events. So are we. Trust us. SO ARE WE!!! It’s a huge part of our Denizen community aspect, not to mention, it’s just what you do at a tabletop gaming store.

But until it is safe for us to gather in groups (because events = groups), we’d rather hold off out of concern for everyone’s health and safety. We ask that you remain patient — we’ll let you know when we can offer in-store gaming again.

Until then, we’re open for retail shopping, so you’re always welcome to come in during our updated business hours (provided you wear a mask and observe physical distancing practices):

Mondays: CLOSED (open on holidays)
Tuesdays – Saturday: 11am-7:30pm
Sundays: 12-5pm

Our New Year wishes…

As we welcome the New Year, there is so much to be hopeful for. While navigating out of a pandemic is still a long road ahead, we’re committed to persevering and keeping pace.

In 2021, may you and those close to you…
– Be in good health
– Experience joy
– Feel gratitude daily
– Share encouragement with others, no matter how small, and in any way you can (because we all really need it!)

Happy New Year to all!