Gaming Calendar

Gaming Events and Activities


mask mandate announcement sign

Sacramento County has issued a mask mandate that goes into effect Friday, July 30, 2021, and we are enforcing this mandate in our store for everyone’s health and safety. All customers and gamers must wear a mask, regardless of your vaccination status. We will have reminder signs on the door and windows before you enter. Thank you for your cooperation!

Store and Gaming Hours

Mondays | CLOSED
Tues-Wed | 11am – 7:30pm
Thurs-Sat | 11am – 9pm
Sundays | 12-5pm

Drop-in gaming is always offered unless there is an event scheduled. You don’t need to reserve tables for drop-in gaming.

Please review our COVID-19 guidelines and check our gaming calendar for scheduled events before you come in to play.

Miniature Gaming Schedule

Our gaming calendar includes Open Gaming (scheduled game time for particular games), and Organized Gaming such as tournaments, special events, and narrative play events.

You can always come in for drop-in (non-scheduled) gaming, though tables may not be available when there are scheduled events. Please check the gaming calendar before you come in to play, or you can contact us. Table reservations are not required.

RPGs and Painting Minis

We have one set of non-wargaming tables available for one RPG group to play for a 3 to 4-hour period. Please call to reserve a time FOR YOUR FIRST GAME if you have a group ready to play.

If you’d like to come in to paint minis, we recommend you call ahead to make sure there is room. At this time, we are not offering regularly-scheduled Hobby/Paint days.

Follow Us for Game Updates!

Follow us for event updates and info! Find general happenings on our Facebook page. Or join our Facebook group — The Ogre’s DENizen Gamers — where you can get early announcements and updates, and find other Denizens to play a game.