Zombie Apocalypse Miniatures Event (3 – 7pm)

October 26, 2019 3:00 pm - 7:00 pm


  • 10 players max.
  • Deadline to sign up is Wed 10/23.
  • There is no registration fee.
  • Sign up via the official Facebook Event post.
  • If you’re not on social media, contact Joe directly (916) 693-6604, or send an email.

The Scenario:

Nobody knows who leaked the virus or who developed it.

It is now two weeks since the initial breakout, and scientists around the globe are frantically working to find a way to combat it. The contagion spread like a wildfire, starting in the US and western Europe, halting those nations involved at a complete stand-still.

Major cities were the quickest and hardest-affected. The smaller towns buttoned up, closing themselves off to anyone trying to get in. Military installations were not impervious to the event, leaving our defense at a minimum. Troops were recalled from overseas to help in the fight on home soil.

You are part of a QRT (Quick Response Team) for a bio-engineering firm called Omega Fusion. One of their labs has been overrun with infected, and your job is to rescue a critical asset.

He is one of the company’s top scientists, and was coming up with a vaccine/possible cure for the contagion. The transponder that he self-injected has gone dark, but his last know location is a small lab in a large industrial section of the city.

Normally, you would be dropped in by helicopter, but there is too much risk in drawing the infected to your location. You will take 2 pursuit vehicles and make your way to the lab and retrieve the asset. You will also need to grab any data from the computers in the lab, along with written literature that you find. His work is the best possibility for a cure that we have right now. Timing is critical — we need him back ASAP! Do not engage with civilians, and do not destroy public property. There are some volatile chemicals in the area and it could set off a chain reaction.

Good Luck Team!

The Ogre’s Den Gaming
8934 Greenback Ln. Ste 110
Orangevale, CA 95662
(916) 693-6604