KeyForge Night (6-11pm)

September 13, 2019 6:00 pm - 11:00 pm

KeyForge is a card-based game for 2 players, published by Fantasy Flight Games. Each individual deck is unique and contains a random combination of cards, ready for you to play. No need for card collecting or deck building!

In KeyForge, you take on the role of an Archon. On each of your turns, you choose one of the three Houses represented in your deck to collect Æmber. This allows you to forge three keys you need to open the vault — and win the game! At the same time, you’ll skillfully play your cards as they’re drawn, to thwart your opponent’s momentum to achieve the same objectives.

This game is fast-paced and easy to learn. Decks are available to purchase at the Den, so pick up a few and start playing on KeyForge Friday!


The Ogre’s Den Gaming
8934 Greenback Ln. Ste 110
Orangevale, CA 95662
(916) 693-6604