Bolt Action D-Day Event (11am – 7pm)

This year marks the 75th Anniversary of the D-Day invasion in Europe. Our Bolt Action Event commemorating the occasion is the largest of the year. Spots fill quickly, so please be sure to sign up early!


Time: 11am – until completion, approximately 7pm
Number of Players: 18-22
Cost: $10.00 entry fee goes towards prizes for the top general at each board
Food: $5.00 (separate from entry fee) towards food
Registration: Last day to register is Wed 6/5. Please sign up via our official Facebook Event post by indicating you are “Going”. If you don’t have Facebook, please contact Joe at the store at (916) 693-6604.




Use the Atlantic Wall list builder. Only 1 unit can be veteran. All others must be inexperienced or regular. Max 750 points per player unless the American/British beach landing player count is high. Points will then be adjusted.


Use the Normandy invasion list builder. Forces must be built to full strength or 1 under full strength. If you take armour vehicles (tanks, armored cars, large transports) they may not deploy until at least turn 3. There are objectives that need to be cleared before you can advance. Points must be between 1250-1500.


Operation Tonga:

-British or Canadian Airborne-

750/1000 point list depending on how many players from the Normandy list builder. Restrictions are no tanks, transports, or armored vehicles with the exception of 1 jeep. No artillery allowed other than a light mortar or medium mortar. Only 1 artillery observer is allowed on the British/Canadian side.


750 point list from Normandy list builder. The only tanks allowed are Panzer IV or Stug III. No artillery except light or medium mortars and only one observer is allowed on the German side.


-US Airborne-

750 to 1000 point list depending on how many players from the Normandy list builder. No vehicles or artillery with the exception of light and medium mortars. Only one artillery observer allowed on the US side.


750 point list from the Normandy list builder. The restrictions are the your troops must be Fallschirmjagers and have at least two squads of Ostruppen. The only tanks allowed are ones that have assault guns such as the Stuh 42. No artillery or other vehicles allowed and only one observer for the German side.


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