Age of Sigmar Tournament (10-7pm)

This is our second AoS Tourney of the year. You can learn more about the game or get some practice in during our regular Age of Sigmar Open Play days, every Sunday from 12-5pm.

Note: the timeframe for this tourney begins before our regular Sunday business hours, and will finish after we close.

Age of Sigmar Tournament miniatures on the table, and players in the background


  • There is a $10 entry fee that goes toward prize support
  • Register by Thursday 6/20 via the Facebook Event post, and also indicate the army you will be using
  • If you aren’t on Facebook, contact Joe at the store (916) 693-6604

Player Info/Requirements:

  • 1750 point army list using current rules and restrictions for Pitched Battle from General’s Handbook 2018
  • Your Warlord Traits, Artefacts and Spells are all chosen prior to the event and remain those choices for the event
  • Base size suggestion from GW is being used — make sure your minis are on the appropriate size base or they have an adapter to make them proper size
  • Realms of Battle Rules will be used along with the Mysterious Landscapes Scenery Table and Triumph Table — Sudden Death will not be in effect
  • Realms and Battleplans are Border war (Realm of Life), Battle for the Pass (Realm of Light), Starstrike (Realm of Metal)
  • Score sheets and Battleplans will be available prior to the date of the event
  • Make sure to have 4 copies of your roster printed out for the event, one for each opponent and one for yourself
  • Each game will be 2.5 hours


The Ogre’s Den Gaming
8934 Greenback Ln. Ste 110
Orangevale, CA 95662