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Rewards Kick-off is June 1st

This Friday, June 1st, we’re finally launching our new DENcentive Rewards Program! We announced it back in April, and many of you joined during our early sign-up period. Huzzah and thank you!

The DENcentive Rewards Program is a digital punchcard, facilitated through Square, our Point of Sale system. We are excited to finally offer this, especially in response to popular demand.

While we want to ensure a speedy checkout process, we ask for your patience during the first month as we become more familiar with the setup and functionality. We want to make sure you are properly credited for the DENcentives you earn!

Okay, ready to get started? Here’s what you need to know:

What is a DENcentive?

A DENcentive is essentially a point that you earn for every eligible transaction you make. (Square currently calls them “stars”, which is what you’ll see whenever you receive alerts about your loyalty status. They are working on changing the term to be customizable. We call them DENcentives!)

Each $20 purchase before tax earns you one DENcentive. When you’ve earned 10 DENcentives, you receive a Reward. A Reward is a $10 discount off your next purchase of $25 or more, before tax.

What is an eligible purchase?

Eligible purchases include in-stock items, snacks and drinks, used items, and pre-paid pre-orders, with a minimum purchase of $20 before tax.

Non-eligible purchases include painting commissions by Joe, gift card purchases, tournament fees, or transactions that are less than $20 before tax.

In other words, to earn a DENcentive, you must make a $20 minimum purchase of eligible items listed above. You don’t have to meet a $20 minimum purchase every time you buy something, just if you would like it to count towards a DENcentive.

You can potentially earn multiple DENcentives in one transaction, depending on your total amount. Also, your purchases will count towards DENcentives regardless of whether you pay with cash or card.

Example A: George comes in to purchase a box of Warhammer 40k Tactical Space Marines, 2 bottles of Citadel paints, a paintbrush, a soda, and a candy bar for a total of around $70.25 before tax. His purchase will earn him 3 DENcentives. He can opt to add more items to his purchase to make it $80, which then earns him 4 DENcentives.

Example B: Doug comes in to purchase a set of Chessex dice, which costs between $7-$10. His total is under the $20 minimum towards rewards, so he would not earn a DENcentive.

How do I sign up?

Just let us know at the time of your purchase. You will need to provide your cell phone number, which will be your DENcentive Rewards ID number. Use your phone number at the register when you make a purchase in order for it to count towards DENcentives.

When you sign up, you will receive a text message that includes a link to your loyalty status page.

What did I get for signing up early?

If you signed up during the early sign-up period in April, then you already have one DENcentive to start you off!

Important Note: While we collected emails for communication purposes from those who signed up early, your sign-up isn’t complete without a phone number. To establish your Rewards ID number, you will need to provide your cell phone number at the time of your next purchase on or after June 1st.

How are my purchases tracked?

If we don’t ask you, be sure to mention you are a Rewards Member when you make a purchase. You will need to provide the cell phone number that you used to sign up. If you meet the minimum $20 purchase requirement, you’ll earn a DENcentive, which is saved in the system.

You’ll receive a text message after you earn a DENcentive. It will include a link to your loyalty status page, which includes your DENcentive count (currently referred to as “stars” by Square), your earned Rewards, your linked payment cards, as well as an overview of your DENcentive activity with us.

When can I use my Reward?

Once you’ve earned 10 DENcentives, you may use your $10 OFF Reward right away on any eligible purchases described above.

You MAY NOT use your DENcentive Reward to pay for a painting commission by Joe, or on used items, gift cards, clearance items, or towards tournament fees.

You may only use ONE Reward ONCE PER DAY. For example, if you’ve earned two $10 OFF Rewards, you may not use both at the same time to get a $20 discount, nor may you make two separate transactions in one visit and apply one Reward discount to each.

A Reward expires one year from the date you earned it.

Start earning those DENcentives!

The next time you’re in, be sure to sign up for DENcentive Rewards! It’s free, and we don’t share or sell your cell phone or email information.

All DENcentive Rewards information will be up on the website soon. Until then, if you have any questions about how it works, feel free to ask us!