"In Ogre News..."

From the Den Keepers…

Greetings to all!

As we wrap up the month of April, and as the shelter-in-place order continues due to the coronavirus, we wanted to check in with you and give you a general Ogre’s Den Gaming update.

First — how have you been coping with quarantine life? While we’re not aware that any Denizens in the community have fallen ill with COVID-19, we hope that you, your family, quarantine buddies, and loved ones near and far remain unaffected in the physiological sense.

Regardless, the coronavirus epidemic has affected all of us in some way; whether it’s adapting to a work-from-home situation, suddenly homeschooling kids, experiencing unemployment, or the uncertainty of returning to work. This has not been easy. Period.

And we, too, have also endured the effects of the coronavirus lock-down, especially from the business perspective. We’ve remained temporarily closed since the March 20th shelter-in-place order, and will remain closed until we are given the green light to open.

But we miss our customers. We miss our storefront and running a business. We miss hosting our gaming events and regular game days. We miss our Denizen community.

In the last couple of weeks, and with Governor Newsom’s announcement the other day of his four-phase plan to re-open the state, we’ve been evaluating how we will re-open The Ogre’s Den.

At this time, we want to reassure you that we DO intend to re-open. We’ve fortunately been able to keep our business afloat so far, despite not being operational.

When phase two of the Governor’s plan rolls out, which allows low-risk/non-essential businesses to re-open, we anticipate getting the Den up and running. However, we will likely enforce certain restrictions, which we feel are necessary for us to adhere to the state and county guidelines. We want to help keep the threat of coronavirus cases down. And we want to keep ourselves and you, our customers, as safe as possible.

We can’t determine the specifics just yet. As you know, we are a mom-and-pop business, and our storefront occupies a smaller space than some. So it is likely that:

  • there will be limited customer capacity at any given time, and/or we will implement a way for customers to place orders and opt for curbside pickup to stay in line with social distancing practices
  • events and casual gaming will be questionable, since they are not conducive to social distancing
  • we will offer alternate services and social-distant-friendly activities to help you stay engaged as a community, and active in tabletop gaming

Shifting how The Ogre’s Den will operate is going to take some getting used to. And we appreciate your continued support! Many of you have contacted us with genuine concern and kind words of encouragement. And several of you have even generously purchased gift cards, as a way to help keep The Ogre’s Den going. We are truly touched! But it has meant the most to us to hear how many of you love what we offer and want to see not just our business, but also the Denizen community, continue to thrive.

We’ve said it before, and we’re saying it again now; it is only with YOUR customer support by purchasing from our store, that we can keep our doors open. It is only with your participation in our events and activities that we have a reason to build a community. Without any of it, The Ogre’s Den Gaming doesn’t exist.

Even though our doors are temporarily closed right now, we can’t wait to have you back. Please continue to stay safe at home and practice social distancing. We are eager to see you again soon!

With heartfelt appreciation,
Joe and Rosie Huck