Calendar of Games & Activities

* Coronavirus update and our schedule *

Our gaming tables will reopen on Saturday, 10/10/20!


  • Only miniature gaming will be allowed. No tabletop role-playing games/groups are permitted at this time.
  • We are still postponing our large-scale events — such as tourneys, leagues, Bolt Action days, and others — until it is more safe to have larger numbers of people in the store at one time.
  • We are also postponing our weekly/monthly activities and game-designated days — such as 40k Night, AoS Day, Warlords of Erehwon Day, Paint and Hobby Days, etc. — until it is more safe to do so.
  • Only 4 miniature gaming tables will be available.
  • Only 2 people allowed per table — please, no lingering or seated spectators.
  • All games have a 3-hour time limit.
  • You must call to reserve you and your gaming partner’s 3-hour time block, starting at 11am Tuesday through Saturday, and 12pm on Sundays.
  • You must already have a gaming partner prior to reserving a table. (Please don’t reserve a time without a gaming partner in place in order to free up times for others who do have a partner.)
  • MASKS ARE STILL REQUIRED while you’re in the store, whether to shop, and especially to game.
  • Please maintain social distancing at all times.
  • At this time, we’ll allow a max of 12 people in the store at any one time.
  • Please only handle YOUR OWN belongings, including your minis and dice.
  • Some of the terrain will be sanitized between reserved times, but certain pieces are made of materials that can deteriorate or become damaged if sanitized. You may bring your own terrain to use if you choose.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available at each table. Our bathroom is also available for patrons and those gaming to wash their hands.
  • If you are the least-bit sick (feeling feverish, are coming down with a sore throat/cough/sniffles, feeling fatigued — ANY of it!), PLEASE do not come in to purchase items or play games.

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