"In Ogre News..."

Black Friday is Next Week!

Black Friday is almost here, and we’re getting ready to kick off the Holiday Season at The Ogre’s Den Gaming! While we don’t want to share all the details just yet, we do want to give you a preview of how you can save a few extra bucks on tabletop games and supplies.

Gift Cards

Just in time for Black Friday, we now have physical gift cards that you can purchase in-store. Each includes a small sleeve for you to write the recipient’s name and amount of the card. (You also still have the option to purchase e-Gift Cards, which are available online via Square.)

Our Ogre’s Den Gift Cards make an excellent gift because they:

  • can be used towards pre-paid purchases on pre-orders, or pre-paid special orders for items we may not regularly stock
  • are ideal for the tabletop gamer who has a bit of everything and may want something specific
  • give newbie gamers a helpful start
  • add an extra touch to gifts you’re planning to give

Bundles and BOGOs and Bargains (oh, my!)

Almost all in-store items will be discounted at some point during the weekend. And we’ll have an assortment of offers to fit your budget.

  • BUNDLES: pick and choose specific items to create a custom bundle at a discounted price
  • BOGOS: buy one, get one deals on some of our favorite items
  • BARGAINS: there’s clearance, and then there’s clearance on top of clearance

Black Friday Savings All Weekend Long!

We’ll be open at 9am on Black Friday until our normal 11pm closing time. Stay tuned next week for a “schedule” of our savings events for that day!

For Small Business Saturday, we’re sharing our gratitude with different store offers. We know you’ve got plenty of shopping options We appreciate your support, which keeps our doors open and builds a community for you to join others for friendly tabletop gaming. Please be sure to drop by and say hello!

Sunday rounds out the long holiday weekend with another few offers if you aren’t able to make it in before then.

Earn Rewards on Your Purchases

Lastly, we want to remind you that we do have a DENcentive Rewards Program, which is our customer loyalty program set up through Square. Black Friday weekend will be an excellent time to collect rewards. For every $20 you spend (before tax), you earn a DENcentive point. Collect 10 DENcentive points and take $10 OFF your next purchase of $25 or more (before tax). It’s free to sign up and you’ll get text notifications of your Rewards status each time you make a purchase.

Please note, we will have some restrictions on how and when you may redeem your rewards during Black Friday weekend sales.

As always, thank you for your patronage. We love to see the Denizen community thrive!