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If you’re still in need of tabletop-related holiday gift ideas and deals this season, be sure to stop by the Den now through Christmas Eve.

Each day we’re featuring a different deal, so don’t miss out, especially for the gamers on your list (or even for yourself — we won’t judge!).

8 Days of Deals

Our 8 Days of Deals at the Den begins Tues 12/17 and ends on Tues 12/24. Here’s a snapshot of what we’re offering.

Pssst! Shopping for someone on your list? Read on below for brief descriptions of each!

  • 12/17 Tues: D&D minis and dice 10% off
  • 12/18 Wed: Marvel Crisis Protocol 10% off
  • 12/19 Thurs: D&D books 15% off
  • 12/20 Fri: 40k/Age of Sigmar minis 15% off
  • 12/21 Sat: Bolt Action starter 20%, other Warlord 15%
  • 12/22 Sun: In-stock paints and brushes 10% off
  • 12/23 Mon: A Song of Ice and Fire 15% off
  • 12/24 Tues: 10% OFF all items (excluding snacks, consignment, and gift cards)

Warhammer 40k and Age of Sigmar

For gamers who love either sci-fi or fantasy, Games Workshop has you covered. 40k and Age of Sigmar are both great for newbies and veterans of either, and are often the “entry games” through which new tabletop miniature gamers become baptized.

Each of these games has a large selection of minis and armies, and there are great box sets to get your started.

Special Deal: Fri 12/20, 40k and Age of Sigmar minis 15% OFF

Bolt Action & Konflikt ’47

These popular selections from Warlord Games, are ideal for any skill level, and are less expensive than most other miniature games. There are several choices of cross-compatible minis, which you can use for both games. Warlord Games minis are also favorable for playing regular campaigns, as well as narrative-based events.

Special Deal: Sat 12/21, Bolt Action starter sets 20% OFF, other Warlord games 15% OFF

Paints & Hobby Supplies

Miniature gaming involves hobby painting, and supplies are a necessity! We carry the three major brands — Citadel, The Army Painter, and Vallejo. There are several different brush sizes; don’t settle for cheap ones, either. A good brush means better quality painting and faster process for getting minis on the table.

In addition to paints and brushes, consider purchasing decorative pieces for those bases — grass tufts, skulls, destroyed ruins, etc.

Special Deal: Sun 12/22, In-stock paints and brushes 10% OFF

Pop Culture Games

Marvel Crisis Protocol

Marvel enthusiasts rejoice! The latest miniatures obsession for the tabletop gamer who’s also into superheroes MUST have Marvel Crisis Protocol.

The starter box comes with Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, Iron Man, Red Skull, Crossbones, Baron Zemo, Captain America, Black Widow, Doctor Octopus, and Ultron. Plus, there are expansions out now and that are being released featuring even more Marvel characters.

Special Deal: Wed 12/18, Marvel Crisis Protocol minis 10% OFF

A Song of Ice and Fire

While Game of Thrones, the T.V. show, may have concluded earlier this year, the story lives on in the game. Based on the books, this minis game is easy for newbies to get started. The starter box comes with Lannisters and Starks, and multiple expansions feature all other factions, including Boltons, Wildlings, the Knights Watch, and more.

Special Deal: Mon 12/23, A Song of Ice and Fire minis 15% OFF

Dungeons & Dragons

5th edition has made this classic role-playing game accessible for new players. Create a story through yours and your fellow adventuring party’s characters and shenanigans! All you need is the Player Handbook, some dice, and something to take notes.

Any RPG enthusiast will tell you that you can never have too many dice sets. There are so many types and kinds, and it’s not unusual to have an impressive collection.

And for minis to represent your characters, WizKids and Reaper both make some great models that enhance gameplay.

Special Deals:

Tues 12/17, D&D minis and dice 10% OFF

Thurs 12/19, D&D books 15% OFF

Happy Shopping, and Happy Holidays!

As the last half of the holiday season gets underway, and as you finish up any last-minute (or maybe start on) holiday shopping, we wish you the best! Remember to take some time to enjoy what the season offers, cozy up with family, friends, and some hot cocoa, revel in the twinkling lights, and… play some tabletop games!

Merry Chrisma-Hanu-Kwanzaa-kuh and Happy New Year to all!